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Wild Dagga Extract (1:20)

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Wild Dagga is a plant native to souther Africa, where it is known for its medical properties. Our 1:20 extract is slightly sticky to the touch and has a sweet aroma reminiscent of cardamom.

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Wild Dagga, also known as Leonotis leonurus, is a plant in the mint family. It occurs naturally in southern Africa, where it is used in traditional medicine. The name ‘Dagga’ comes from the Khoikhoi word for Cannabis. 

Source: Wikipedia

One thing that is good to understand about extracts is the notation regarding strength, often denoted (N:N:) 1:100 or (NX) 100X. This notation refers to the amount of raw material used to produce a given quantity of extracts. 1:10 means that for every gram of extract 10g of raw materials have been used in production. 1:100 means 1g of extract contains the essence of 100g of raw material. While it’s intuitive to assume greater potency with higher concentrations it might not always be true if the actual ratios of compounds in the starting material are unknown. Please understand that even though we might not always have quantitative data on extracts our selection process is dedicated and rigorous, we are picky, and would not sell products we ourselves do not like.

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