Blue Lotus (1:100)

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Blue Lotus is a plant native to eastern Africa, where it has been used in traditional medicine, cuisine, and perfume manufacturing since ancient times. Our Blue Lotus (1:100) extract is a slightly sticky, red and brown powder with a heavy, calming aroma that makes it an excellent choice for aromatherapeutic purposes.

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Give colour and fragrance to your soap with Blue Lotus

Use our unique off-the-shelf, all natural collection of plant based soap powders for dye, fragrance and texture – all in one product. Ready to be mixed with your soap base of choice for all your soap crafting purposes. New to soap crafting? Learn the essentials in our Soap Crafting Guide!

All our botanical products are sourced with fair compensation from organic farms and producers. All our botanical products are tested by a third part lab for heavy metals and pathogens and approved by appropriate European Union authorities.

The notation that we use (N:N) refers to the amount of raw material used to produce a given quantity of extracts. 1:10 means that for every gram of extract 10g of raw materials have been used in production. 1:100 means 1g of extract contains the essence of 100g of raw material. While it’s intuitive to assume greater potency with higher concentrations it might not always be true if the actual ratios of compounds in the starting material are unknown. Please understand that even though we might not always have quantitative data on extracts our selection process is dedicated and rigorous. We are picky, and we only sell products that we ourselves love.

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