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Provider of Lush Royal Kratom powders, fine extracts, and other premium ethnobotanical commodities. We are a company based in Sweden with a deep commitment to fine ethnobotanics and Mitragyna Speciosa in particular. Just like Kratjee, Mitrageniekratom or Kratomworld we swiftly deliver our products to the rest of EU, and UK too. Our selections are highly curated, very pleasent and as fresh as they come, order today!

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Even though our selection of leaves are highly curated, and all of them top-notch, we are all different and as such not all fit everyone perfectly. We all have our favourites and this is a way for you to find yours. Still confused about all these “strains”? Read our article “Why kratom strains are bullshit” and “Kratom strains and effects”.


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Ben Hall
Ben Hall
Outstanding service, very generous free samples included with my order and hand written letter from the owner of the company welcoming me personally and thanking me for choosing them. The outstanding quality of the customer service is more than matched by the quality of their products. I won’t be going anywhere else from now on.
Felix Breitholtz
Felix Breitholtz
Väldigt proffsigt företag! Snabb hantering och bra kommunikation.
I made an order from this company the other week and i would never go anywhere else. The prices are more than fair and the quality is superb. My box came with a lovely handwritten note which shows they really care and will go the extra mile for the customers. It also came with a couple of sample packs which was a lovely little bonus. Amazing company i cannot thank you enough. I left hospital a month ago and the pain relief i get from there products beats anything i have been prescribed. Thankyou!
Pauli Liatto
Pauli Liatto
Very good quality products. I am very happy with my first order from this company. Also I´d like to thank for their transparency (in things as sharing the batch numbers of each product, or overall the information about the product they sell on their blog) because it´s not something most vendors do.
Simon McMillan
Simon McMillan
Excellant service and product is great. Do not have a bad word to say, everything was simple from start to finish
I'm definitely happy with ThomThom ! 1.Their product is decent quality and the batch is fresh 2. Customer service is fast and excellent! Marcus has been honest, helpful and friendly all at once 3. The order was dispatched the very same day they received the payment. 4. I've received some free samples with my order.. Thank you! 5. Even the packing is nice and professional Well done ThomThom! Keep it going
Christopher Nielsen
Christopher Nielsen
Katie Hurley
Katie Hurley
Extremely impressed with this company. Super fast shipping across the EU, lovely packaging, really high quality product and (most importantly) great customer service. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for something a cut above the rest. Samples and a lovely note included as well. Thanks ThomThom!
Craig Palmer
Craig Palmer
Simply Excellent in EVERY way!
Graeme George Furness
Graeme George Furness
Absolutely fantastic service, a very personal approach to business and a lovely hand written letter that I liked. The product is of high quality and the postage is great (DHL were a bit of a nightmare) despite this I’m very happy and the free sample I received was greatly appreciated, I’m looking forward to ordering again and trying other strains. Keep up the good work!

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Over our 20 years of experience working with Royal Kratom we have established a unique network of farmers and a thorough selection process, letting us provide you with the freshest leafy powders on the EU market. How, you wonder? Let us tell you all about it – or better, buy our Kratom today and see for yourself.

We have a vested interest in all things ethnobotanical. There is a myriad of interesting botanicals around the globe and we have a selection of quality extracts on offer.

Our selection of hemp products is a small, but highly curated lineup. All of our hemp products are grown by certified farmers around Europe and grown from certified stock. They are then analysed and certified by third-party laboratories.

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