Disclaimer About The Use Of Our Products

Our products are not ment for human consumption, but strictly for technical use only. Some products such as Kratom are illegal to ingest by Swedish law. Ingesting Kratom can be addictive (see ‘How and why is Kratom regulated by Swedish law‘). We therefore strongly recommend against using any of our products outside of the technical use intended by us. If it should come to our attention that a customer has used our products in contravention of Swedish law, that customer will be banned from making further purchases.  If a customer should contact us with questions regarding the use of our products outside of the technical use intended by us, that customer may be banned from making further purchases.

The legality of our products may vary depending on country or state. Look up the legal status of our products in your location before you make an order. Shipments seized by customs due to unlawful import will not be reimbursed.

A customer has to be of age (18 years old by Swedish law) to make a purchase from us. We reserve the right to deny purchase orders from underage customers.

Are CBD Buds Legal?

In Sweden, yes. The legality of CBD buds depends on your location. All of our cannabis products are industrial hemp quality [wiki], cultivated by licensed farmers within the EU. The hemp varieties we provide have a THC level of less than 0,2% and have been approved by the EU. Independent, certified laboratories have verified the THC level of our products. You can confirm their analysis with the QR code found in the ‘Analysis’ section of the CBD buds product pages.

Always look up the legal status of our products in your location before placing an order. Shipments seized by customs due to unlawful import will not be reimbursed.

Why Are Your CBD Buds Weaker Than Those Sold At

The short answer is, they are not weaker. At some sites, you may find CBD products marketed as containing more than 8% CBD. This is in all probability false marketing since the CBD levels correlate with THC levels, i.e. with a CBD level of more than 8% it should not be possible for the THC level to stay under 0,2%.

How And Why Is Kratom Regulated By Swedish Law?

In Sweden, it’s legal to buy and possess Kratom. However, it’s illegal to ingest, divide into doses or make an extract, such as tea, as an extract may contain the classified substances Mitragynin and 7-HO-mitragynin.

We suspect that the Swedish legislation has to do with an incident in 2009 where an internet vendor sold Kratom mixed with O-desmetyltramadol, a substance similar to the drug Tramadol. There is also considerable uncertainty of the effects of Kratom on those who ingest it. The research on how Kratom works and what it does to users is still young, but it seems that some components of Kratom acts on the opioid receptors as well as the GABA receptors. These receptors are the same as those acted upon by many strong painkillers and sedative drugs. It follows that Kratom may be of interest in developing new drugs in areas of medicine where these receptors are important. But it also means that it may be addictive to habitual users, further made evident by the testimonies at places such as This underlines the importance of treating Kratom with respect and not to use it in a way that violates law.

Please note that our products are not ment for human consumption, but strictly for technical use only. We will refuse service to customers who use Kratom in contravention of Swedish law.

Why Choose Your Kratom?

If you’re looking for quality Kratom, is right place for you. We’re not the cheapest vendor there is, and we aren’t trying to be either. Our prime focus is to bring you the best Kratom available anywhere, to weed out the lesser products so that you don’t have to. We don’t buy the cheapest leafs on the market, hoping there will be enough Kratom in a product full of filler material. Our partners on location in Borneo takes care to select those leafs that live up to high standards, in a market where not all i what it’s said to be. Our leafs are first class, pure Kratom.

You can learn more about our selection process for Kratom and other products in our introduction to thomthom.

Is Your Kratom Lab Tested?

Yes it is! Our Kratom is tested for heavy metals and pathogens on-site in Borneo by our partner. They utilize independent third-party laboratories. Also, the product is tested to ensure it can handle shipping conditions, guaranteeing our customers peace of mind when they handle our Kratom.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

At the moment our shipping options are registered mail and consignment. Both options are traceable. Our shipments go through the nordic postal service Postnord, and can be traced here with the shipment ID you receive when you place an order.

To some countries with slightly longer delivery times, we offer DHL Express. At the moment UK is one of these countries.

UK shipping and Import Tax Tresholds.

Since brexit UK have imposed import taxes. That means that all goods above a certain price point is taxed. At the time of writing this threshold is 135 GBP (roughly €160). Orders with a total value below that will not be subject to Import Tax. Stay up to date on  



Can I track my shipments?

Yes you can! All our shipments are tracked. You get a tracking number with your order confirmation email. You find it under your account page, and if you like you can also track our order here by stating your order number and email.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship to EU countries and the UK. However, we do NOT ship to Norway.

Any shipping restrictions?

We do not ship our products into Norway.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Non-DHL orders placed before 3:30 p.m. (gmt+1) on workdays will be shipped the same day. It normally takes 2 – 5 days for international shipments to arrive. You can calculate the approximate delivery time for your parcel on here Postnords site. Choose Sweden and enter 412 82 in the ‘From‘ section, then enter your delivery address in the ‘To‘ section.

DHL Express takes 1-2 days to deliver. Orders are shipped out Monday – Friday. Orders placed before 11:30 p.m (gmt+1) will be shipped out the same day.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

All orders will be finalised at 4:00 p.m. on workdays. Before 4:00 p.m. on workdays you can email us at or should you want to change or cancel your order. See ‘How Can I Return a Product?‘ below for information regarding our return policy.

I never received my shipment. Now what?

So you tracked your parcel, it says it’s delivered but you haven’t gotten any parcel. WTF? It is rare that parcels get lost, however, it does on rare occasions happen. In order for us to be able to reimburse or re-ship lost goods, the shipment needs to be insured. To insure your shipment simply choose the shipping option “Pickup Point (Registered / Rek)” in the checkout. Yeah, it’s a little bit more pricey but it beats losing all that lovely Botanics. If you did choose “Pickup Point (Registered / Rek)” as your shipping option just get in touch with us at and state your order number and what happened and we will sort it out for you.  


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

All our customers can pay with credit card. Our Swedish customers can also pay with Swish.

Orders & Returns

How do I place an Order?

In the product page of the item you want to purchase, choose quantity and click ‘Add to cart‘. In the cart section in the upper right corner you can make a final review of your order and discard items should you want to. In the ‘View cart‘ section you can change the quantity of a product and add coupons. When you’re ready, proceed to the ‘Checkout‘ section found in your cart. In the checkout, fill in your billing details and choose your method of payment. While you’re here you can also write order notes that will be read by us upon preparing your order. Read our terms and and conditions and agree to them before you go to ‘Place order‘ to pay. Fill in the payment details requested – and you’re done!

Do I need an account to place an order?

No, you don’t need an account to place an order. See ‘Why should I get an account and become a member‘ for information regarding membership benefits.

How Do I Track My Order?

Go to our order tracking service and use the shipment ID you received when placing your order, or go directly to Postnord.

How Can I Return a Product?

You can always return your order within 14 days after receiving it. You are entitled to full refunds of unused products and products used within reason to determine its properties. Should your use of the product exceed what it takes to determine its properties, leading to a decreased value of the product, we will be entitled to deduct the lost value of the product from your refund. The fall in value will be determined from case to case. You are entitled to your refund within 30 days of receiving your order.

Contact us at or to receive postage and return address.

Membership & VIP

Why should I get an account and become a member? What is a VIP customer?

When you get an account you become a member of thomthom. Having a membership means that you can view your recent orders and manage your shipping and billing addresses from your account dashboard. But more importantly, you’ll automatically upgrade to VIP customer when all your purchases made as a member amount to 2800 sek – about 280 euro, providing that you accept getting newsletters and offers from us from time to time (we promise, no spamming!). As a VIP customer, you get a juicy discount on all of our Kratom products. 

Am I getting the VIP-discount? How do I know?

Well, in many ways. First, you you wont be bothered by the announcements and banners on the site anymore. Secondly, on the “VIP-membership“-page you will see a green banner stating: “You are a VIP-Member and get awesome discounts. And last but most importantly, at the cart and at checkout you will see the discount applied like so:


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