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We don’t really like to advertise ourselves. A good product doesn’t need to be advertised on a billboard or all over the internet, it speaks for itself through you. If you love our products as much as we do, we invite you to share them with the uninitiated folks you think would enjoy them as much as you and I do. And if you want to keep this to yourself, that’s also OK. We still think you’re awesome and we still löves you! <3


IMPORTANT FINE PRINT, but nothing bad. Just so you know what’s what. You are free to invite anyone but the 100kr thing is only for peeps who are not already customers at our shop. If the friend you invite is new to thomthom (meaning neither they nor anyone from their houshold has made a purchase before) they can use the coupon they receive to get 100kr off their purchase when buying products for 300kr or more. Nice right? Well, here is the sweet part. When they have successfully completed their purchase you too will get 100kr to buy your favorite leaf. Everyone is happy!

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