Terms & Conditions

Business information

The content of this online store is provided, updated and managed by the following enterprise:

Mibinamet AB
Postbox 1204
Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A
412 82 Gothenburg

Corporate identity number: 559223-0535
E-mail address: info@thomthom.se

Payment and pricing

All prices are current and may be subject to changes in the future. Price per item and total price for your order will be summed up at checkout, including any charges for shipment and payment, and VAT.

These are our options for payment method:

  • Swish
  • NETS

Conditions for payment will also be stated at checkout under the payment methods respectively.

Shipments and returns

We currently only ship to countries within the European Economic Community (EEC). We use the nordic postal service Postnord for our shipments.

  • Postnord shipment conditions and options

You can choose between the following shipment options offered by Postnord:


Consignment shipments will be delivered to your home or to your closest place of delivery depending on the size of the parcel.

Registered letter

The registered letter option means that your shipment will be delivered to your closest place of delivery, where you will need to identify yourself in order to pick up your parcel.

The delivery time for both consignment and registered letter is 2-10 workdays, depending on your location. If delivery time for an item should differ from the usual delivery time, it will be stated at the page of that item. If your shipment is delayed you will be notified by email. As customer you have the right to cancel your purchase if your shipment is delayed. We will do everything we can to make sure your shipment is delivered.


Returns are at your own expense unless the item is defective or if we have sent you the wrong item. Returns are not to be sent as cash on delivery. Shipment of exchanges will be paid by us.

14 days of open purchase

We follow the Swedish Act on Distance Contracts, which means you have the right to return ordered goods without declaring a reason for doing so. You withdraw your purchase by notifying us within 14 days of receipt of your order (or the majority of it). The item is to be returned in good condition, well packaged in its original parcelling.

If you as customer has handled the item to a greater extent than necessary to determine its qualities or features, and by doing so having caused the returned item to lose value, we have the right to deduct a sum corresponding to the lost value of the item on the refund. Value reduction will be assessed from case to case.

Returns are sent to:
Mibinamet AB
Postbox 1204
Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A
412 82 Gothenburg


If you use your right to withdraw, we will refund your purchase at the earliest opportunity or at the latest within 30 days of receipt of your item. You as customer will be responsible for the return costs of the item.

You can read more about the Swedish Act on Distance Contracts at the Swedish Consumer Agency:


Privacy policy

When you place an order in our store you will have to state some of your personal information. As you place your order you agree to letting us store and use your information in the operation of our business to fulfil our agreement with you. We store the following personal information of our customers:

Customers: First name, Last name, Company/organisation, Email, Personal/corporate identity number, VAT number, Postal code, Location, Country, Telephone number.

Orders: IP address, Email, Company/organisation, Personal/corporate identity number, VAT number, Address, First name, Last name, Postal code, Location, Country, Telephone number.

As customer you can request excerpts, update or erasure of personal data at any time. Contact us by email to do so.

Limitation of liability

We reserve ourselves for possible typographical errors, changes, final sales etc. We do not guarantee that the images on this website reflect the exact appearance of the products as a certain colour difference may occur depending on the display, photo quality and resolution. We always try to exhibit the products as truthfully as possible. All media and information about our products spread through our communication channels is entirely for educational purposes.

  • The customer recognises that no products purchased from the vendor are meant as human food, animal feed, or are in any way intended for human consumption. The customer recognises that all products sold by the vendor are meant for technical use only. The customer accepts that ingestion and preparation for ingestion of the products supplied by the vendor is misuse of these products. The customer will not hold the vendor responsible for any consequence, neither anticipated nor unforeseen, nor will the customer hold the vendor responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from misuse of the products supplied by the vendor. The customer acknowledges that ingestion or preparation for ingestion of some of the products supplied by the vendor may result in injuries and constitutes a criminal offence in Swedish law.
  • The customer is responsible for keeping the products supplied by the vendor in a safe place, inaccessible for minors.
  • The customer is 18 years old or older.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for delays or other issues caused by circumstances beyond the control of the enterprise (Force Majeure). These circumstances may be events such as labor dispute, fire, war, government decision, reduced or absent delivery from supplier.
  • Furthermore we reserve the right to any changes to products and product characteristics caused by respective supplier and other factors beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right to make any changes, at any time, to the pricing of our products, to the characteristics of flyer programs and campaigns, and the customer acknowledges that this may occur without notice.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a customer purchases of our products if we believe that the customer intends to use these products in a way that was not intended by us.
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