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Pontianak, Borneo

The Brand

Most people find us through their friends, people do löve us and we löve them right back and that shit matters. If löve won’t cut it our first-class Kratom will. Let us tell you how a tiny Swedish boutique became a pan-European go-to shop for a tropical leaf called Mitragyna Speciosa.

We started as a group of friends whom for as long as we can remember been geeking out on botanicals. Mitragyna Speciosa has been a part of our lives for at least 20 years, we grew picky living in South East Asia where the good leaf grew in abundance. Moving back to Europe again provided a bit of a challenge for us aficionados. Paying extra moolah for what was touted as premium products and yet, time and time again, getting inferior leaves made us grow weary and frustrated. None of the companies we dealt with provided consistent quality and we knew there was top-notch leaves to be had, it was just a matter of getting to them.

So, we began our search. Instead of going through the middlemen, we went straight to the source, the farmers. We contacted hundreds of producers and struck up dialogue, purchased small quantities that we continuously evaluated, leaves we discarded, leaves we kept until we found a handful that met our standards. We were content, we had a working model to acquire the leaves we knew were out there. Trouble was, our friends and families wanted in on it, and their friends and families too, so we grew. We kept growing to the point where it was no longer feasible to privately import cubic meters of the good leaf every month so we organized ourselves and started Thom Thom.

This is us today. Our man Fariz, our boots on the ground in Borneo, runs first-line quality control and product acquisition. Marcus and Rasmus are at the office in Sweden, chatting with you guys, packing your leaves, and together in a joint effort, we secure a steady supply of premium choice botanicals, continuously sifting through a wide array of commodities at the source, bringing back the small labeled batches of fine powders and extracts you see in our shop today. There you have it, folks, that’s our origin story. Nothing much has changed really, that’s how we roll. For the löve of it.


Contact Us Mibinamet AB Fack 1204, Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A, 412 82, Göteborg Sweden

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