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Lavender Flower


Lavender, either the flowers themselves or distilled into an essential oil, has been used for a variety of things since antiquity, most commonly for its pleasent and refreshing scent. The romans scented their bathwater with its flowers, nowadays it’s seen in gardens and parks around the world as an ornamental plant. Cultivated in large fields, it is used extensively by the parfume and cosmetics industriy as a popular ingredient. Traditionally it was also used for it’s medicinal values, either as a herbal tea or ointment.

Carefully harvested, perfectly cured. 

Batch #170323.

Give texture and fragrance to your soap with Lavender Flower

Use our unique off-the-shelf, all natural collection of plant based soap powders for dye, fragrance and texture – all in one product. Ready to be mixed with your soap base of choice for all your soap crafting purposes. New to soap crafting? Learn the essentials in our Soap Crafting Guide!

All our botanical products are sourced with fair compensation from organic farms and producers. All our botanical products are tested by a third part lab for heavy metals and pathogens and approved by appropriate European Union authorities.

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