We never compromise on product quality, never. However, we do acknowledge that price can be an issue and as such we have developed a solution to let everyone access our first-grade products at very favorable prices.

By becoming a VIP member you will be able to get those awesome botanicals you have gotten to know and love, only a whole lot cheaper. The exact nature of the member perks may, and will, vary but is always generous. Currently, the discounts are as follows:

It applies to selected kratom products. The discount varies depending on volume and range from 7 to 50%

It applies to 20g packs of specific kratom products and is limited to 1 pack per selected strain and order.  

1. Become a registered customer.

As a registered customer, you have access to your account page where you get an overview of your orders and the ability to track them. Kind of handy.

2. Accept correspondence from us. 

Don’t worry we do not spam, we pinky swear. So go on and tick that box!

3. Purchase products for 2800kr (roughly 280€)

Once you reached the threshold our system will automatically upgrade your account and you will get an email from us with the good news. Next time you log on to the shop you will see some damn juicy discounts.


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