Red Maeng Da

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Som de röda sorternas obestridda härskare är Red Maeng Da förstahandsvalet för de som söker en rent rogivande Kratomdoft. Likt de flesta röda sorter har Red Maeng Da jästs i en anaerob miljö i en process som liknar jäsningen av tobak. Det är i denna process som Red Maeng Da får sin rostiga färg och sin mogna arom.

Batch #160322 för 100g.
Batch #210322 eller #030122 för 500g beroende på lager.

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Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is a Southeast Asian tree in the same family as coffee. It occurs naturally in Thailand and Indonesia, where it’s been used in a traditional context since at least the nineteenth century [Wikipedia]. M. Speciosa also happens to be a great aromatic plant dye giving soaps and incense both a unique texture and a ”matcha tea” hue that is truly delightful. It is an excellent addition to the artisan’s crafting toolbox.  

All Mitragyna Speciosa ”Kratom” products are sold for technical use only and exclusively to adults. Check local laws before ordering. Consumption of Kratom may be addictive, please educate yourself. 

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  1. R*****p (verifierad ägare)

    Himla fint detta tvålvirke! Redigt len & goó efter en sväng i duschen med den här, helnöjd.

  2. P*****a (verifierad ägare)

    Utmärkt kvalitet på denna produkt!
    Supersnabba leveranser!

  3. H*****i (verifierad ägare)

    Skön och avslappnande doft, kommer köpa denna produkt igen.

  4. r******g (verifierad ägare)

    Perfekt till kvällen somnar bra efter denna!

  5. b************k (verifierad ägare)

    Alltid lika bra kvalitet och aldrig varit med om snabbare leveranser. Rekommenderar 100%

  6. v****n (verifierad ägare)

    THOMTHOM är bäst när det gäller Krarre. Har varit kund här i snart ett år. Fina produkter, snabb leverans och super bra support.

  7. c******h (verifierad ägare)

    I only discovered thomthom a few weeks ago. Marcus said sent me a few samples and I enjoyed them so much I bought 500g of red maeng da. This is high quality Kratom and I have recommended it to friends. And it’s not just the kratom is high-quality, the people here are the most friendly business people I have met, putting customers in the center. I wish other businesses were more like thomthom, a big, big thank you to the staff! If your standing on the fence, dont. Wonderful service, friendly and quick communication and all-around brilliance, I will be back for more. ❤️

  8. c*****h (verifierad ägare)

    Red manga da kratom is probably the best in Europe or the UK at the moment I will be back.

  9. a*********h (verifierad ägare)

    Another premium product. If you want high quality and reliability can’t go wrong here.

  10. o***d (verifierad ägare)

    This one had a nice character, smooth and earthy toutch.

  11. R*******e (verifierad ägare)

    Always happy. Best quality and great service. Super fast delivery! I won’t buy anywhere else:)

  12. D*****d (verifierad ägare)

    Fantastisk röd. Luktar riktigt gott!

  13. S****e (verifierad ägare)

    Superbra kvalitet och snabbt leverans. THOMTHOM är det bästa leverantör av kratom i Sverige tycker jag.

  14. s*****s (verifierad ägare)

    Very high quality product, wonderfull customer support , highly reccomend.

  15. T******n (verifierad ägare)

    Great product from a great company who obviously care about their customers and products right down to the smallest detail.

  16. p*******y (verifierad ägare)

    Received a nice note and samples with my first order, the RMD listed here is relaxing and good aroma for bed time, all of the kratom here is extremely fresh, I’d say the green Malay and red maeng da are my favourites so far,

    Red maeng da is probably the closest here to the red vein borneo from kraatje (which I’m used to, and struggling to find a replacement), except this is actually dark red in colour as it is fermented, and so the taste(according to my pet) is very different. Thanks guys will be back!

  17. c*******s (verifierad ägare)

    Only my second time purchasing a fermented red, not my first choice but it really has grown on me. Top quality, super fresh too. Some free samples and a welcome note were added to the parcel which was awesome to see, feeling the love right off the bat haha. Cheers guys.

  18. D****r (verifierad ägare)

    This is the highest quality Kratom and personally my favourite I’ve tried so far; I find it works for me as an all day go to, I’ve switched from the Green Malay in the morning and this in the night to this both times and it gives me the most benefits. I was told a while back that ‘Maeng Da’ means something like ‘Pimp grade’ in Thai slang, and if by that they mean the best, I’d certainly agree!

    These guys are seriously amazing too, out of this world customer service and it’s always 11/10 both product quality and to deal with. Thanks to both of you (Marcus and Rasmus) for being such legends!

    All the best chaps x

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