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Sammelsurium #Q4 – 100g


Sammelsurium is a mix of all the kratom strains we have evaluated under the 2021, a blend in its truest sense. We evaluate so many candidates it’s impossible for us to finish them all. This product is not quite on par with our fairly high standards, it’s an ok kratom, no more. Instead of simply discarding it we offer them, a blend, at a highly discounted price. Waste not, want not. Since it’s a small amount we are limiting it to 100g per purchase.

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We at thomthom have a meticulous selection process for our lush leafy powders. We sift through forests of choice botanicals to bring back a hand full of powders, extracts and what have you. That process produces a whole lot of excess, material that for the most part is good but does not quite make the cut. Sammelsurium is that, good but not good enough for our picky aficionados.


For technical use only in accordance with our terms & conditions.

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