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Red Leaf


Our red, fermented leaf powder. The curation process yields a variety with a more soothing aroma.

Formerly known as Madder Root Red.

Batch  #121223(50g) or #130324 depending on stock.

Red Kratom

Our primary red Mitragyna Speciosa selection. If the green leaf is swiftly dried to maintain its natural fragrance, the red leaf is curated to express a more mellow variety. The rust-red color is a result of a particular fermentation process that gives us its calming, heavy aroma.

Use our unique off-the-shelf, all natural collection of plant based soap powders for dye, fragrance and texture – all in one product. Ready to be mixed with your soap base of choice for all your soap crafting purposes.

All our botanical products are sourced with fair compensation from organic farms and producers. All our botanical products are tested by a third part lab for heavy metals and pathogens and approved by appropriate European Union authorities.

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