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Pick & Mix – 20g Samples

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Here we offer samples of 20g on selected products for your consideration before you make a larger purchase. Although we take great pride in our curated selection of kratom powders it is ultimately a highly personal matter on what suits your need.

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Red Dragon - 20g

Batch #220821

Out of stock

Green Maeng Da - 20g

Batch #030821

White Jongkong - 20g

Batch #020821

Green Malay - 20g

Batch #020821

Red Adha - 20g

Batch #020821


Even though all kratom is from the same tree, Mitragyna Speciosa, there is some slight variation due to phenotypes and drying process. This yields a variation in the final product. This means that one particularly priced batch might not suit you and vice versa. To aid you in finding your favorite strain you can now pick and choose among 20g samples of our selected products.

Alla våra produkter som innehåller Mitragyna Speciosa är ej ämnade för konsumtion i enlighet med våra köpvillkor.
  1. g*********t (verified owner)

    Utmärkt kvalitet

  2. S*******n (verified owner)

    Roligt med pick and mix. Och mycket bra varor i urvalet. Mycket nöjd med alla 3.

  3. C*******e (verified owner)

    Gillar konceptet pic and mix, perfekt om man vill prova nya strains 👍

  4. J*******n (verified owner)

    Mycket imponerad. Toppkvalité, supersnabb leverans och fick t.o.m. lite extra.

  5. g*********t (verified owner)

    Gillar konceptet med små kvantiteter.

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